Z.com forex review


Z.com forex bonus review

Z.com trade is a subsidiary of the massive GMO CLICK group, serving the UK market as an online forex brokerage. This broker is authorized with the FCA under reference number 622897, headquartered in London. As per FCA regulations, all client funds are held in a segregated bank account. Trading with a registered, trusted forex broker is an absolute necessity as a forex investor, and Z.com has made a name for themselves as a secure choice.

$30/£20 welcome bonus available

For those seeking a forex bonus, Z.com offers £20 to those creating a new account. This requires a trading volume of 100 lots within 3 calendar months of the month the account was opened. Our tip? In order to maximize your odds of fulfilling the bonus requirements, open your account at the start of a month, giving you extra time to fulfill the requirements. Before creating an account, ensure that you read through the full terms and conditions of the bonus.

Up to £2,000 additional deposit bonus

At this point in time, Z.com allows stacking of both the welcome bonus and the deposit bonus. This can be redeemed one time, and must be applied on the account.


There are of course terms and conditions associated with these bonuses, and we urge you to read through all of the fine print before attempting to use this promotion. Please note that although at the time of the posting of this review the terms and conditions were accurate, Z.com reserves the right to change bonus conditions at any time and you must contact their customer support for up to date information on withdrawal requirements and trading volumes needed to unlock the full amount of the bonus. What makes the bonus so great? At this point in time, bonus requirements for both the welcome bonus and the trading amounts can be met with the same trades.

Trading is done on the world leading MT4 trading platform, which is a highly customizable piece of technology that allows for automate trades, advanced charting, and offers service in over 30 different languages.

There is the option of a demo account, which we recommend using as a way to familiarize yourself with the broker and decide whether it is the correct choice for you.

Z.com offers dedicated customer support that is among the best of all forex brokerages serving the UK. They have multiple options for contact, include live chat with options for text or voice, as well as phone options.

Avid forex brokers will eat up the economic calendar which covers in depth a massive variety of events that can impact currencies, including speeches by world leaders, new numbers on countries GDPs, and even unemployment rate statistics. If you have an advanced strategy for your traders that takes into account a wide variety of events, this economic calendar is a godsend. Those traders who are new to forex will do well to study the introductory materials provided by the broker, including information on fundamental analysis, the impact of interest rates on world currencies, and how to analyze a country’s economy. Z.com is a forex broker for long term, educated traders who know how the markets work.

As with all forex brokers, trading in leveraged products contains a high degree of risk and volatility, and losses may exceed initial investments.

However, it is much riskier to invest with unregulated forex brokers, and the Z.com name is a trusted one.

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