Privacy Policy

You are cordially invited to have a good look around the website and can freely make use of all of the information supplied and displayed upon this website.

At no time will you be under the obligation to sign up to or register to access or use our website, however we do have a range of services that may require you to supply us with some personal details, such as making comments on posts and articles displayed on this site or signing up to our email newsletter.

With that in mind we have compiled the following Privacy Policy which is subject to change at any time. Please do familiarize yourself with this Privacy Policy and should you have any questions regarding it then please do contact us.


Cookies are used throughout this website and those cookies allow us to indentify your visit to this website. A cookie is placed on your computer when you first land on any page of this website and can be removed by yourself at any time.

By using cookies we are able to tailor the content and any additional promotional material that we think you may be interested in.

Information Supplied and How We Use It

If you wish to post comments on this website then you will be required to furnish us with some of your own personal details, which can include your name, location and your email address.

That information is securely stored and will only be used for the intended purpose, such as allowing you to log into your account and also reset your password etc. We will not share your information with anyone unless legally required to do so.

We may occasionally offer you the ability of signing up to our email newsletter and by signing up to that service you will once again be required to supply us with some personal information.

Any information you do supply us with is securely stored much like when you register to make posts on this website and is never shared with any third party unless you give us permission to do so or if we are legally required to do so.

Banners, Links and Third Party Websites

We have placed banner links and text links throughout this website and those banners and links will lead to additional third party websites, that may be offering you information or services that we feel may be of interest to you.

Please be aware though that being third party websites and not under our control, we cannot be held responsible for any content found on those websites. Each third party website will however have their own privacy policies in place on their website and you may also find a set of terms and conditions relating to using their services or their websites.

Please do always familiarize yourself with the Privacy Polices and any additional terms and conditions found on any third party website, and also do be aware that placing Forex trades for real money does involve an element of risk.