Forex Infographic

Forex is the trading of foreign currencies. Trading is usually
done by speculators, banks, institutional investors, forex (1)retails investors, governments and individuals looking for foreign currency. It is done through a decentralised exchange, where buyers and sellers swap currency at an agreed price.

Forex is the biggest and most liquid market in the world. There is trillions of Dollars traded daily. Trading are done 24 hours a day Monday through to Friday. The currency traded the most is the USD followed by the Yen and Euro. Some other big currencies are the GBP, Swiss Franc and Australian Dollar. USD is involved in nearly 90% of all trades. This is down to the fact USD is a reserve currency and commodities are mostly traded in USD. Do make sure to check out our reviews or bonus information if you would like to get into trading currencies for yourself.

Some of the main trading centers in the world are: New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In this Forex infographic we show show interesting facts about Forex trading- IT infrastructure, reasons for failed transactions and ways to improve your performance.

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