ETX Capital Review

ETX Capital is an international brokerage based in London and is serving retail customers by giving access to a wide range of markets through derivatives such as spread bets and CFDs. Regulated and authorized (Registration No: 124721) by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the company basically is a trading name of Monecor (London) limited.

ETX Capital allows traders to trade
* Forex: A market with over $5.3 trillion worth of trades
* Equities: Trade shares of big companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.
* Commodities: Trade the value of both hard (Gold, oil, gas) and soft (Corn, barley, sugar) commodities.
* Indices: Trade all the major stock indices easily with the ETX capital.

Trading Platforms
ETX Capital provides four powerful trading platforms for fast and reliable execution.
* ETX Binary: Excellent for those who want fast paced trading. It allows you to make both short-term and long-term trades ranging from sixty seconds to 30-days.
* ETX Trader Pro: Perfect for experienced traders who need customizable charts, indicators and various trading tools to ensure profitable trades.
* ETX MT4: perfect for those who wants to automate their trades. Download MT4, open position and the trade will be executed automatically when the price reaches the specified level. There is no need to keep check on your trade.

Learning and Education
ETX Capital provides free access to following educational tools and resources for beginner traders to learn forex and for experienced traders to polish their trading skills.
* Seminars: The ETX Capital’s in-house expert team conducts seminars on regular basis that can be attended by all traders whether they are new to spread betting or they want to enhance their knowledge about specific markets.
* Live webinars: The traders who cannot attend seminars, they can access a wide range of prerecorded webinars or may get various opportunities to attend live webinars.
* Trader course: A comprehensive trading course by an independent trading company is delivered on regular basis in which clients of ETX Capital can discuss and ask questions about their current and future trading scenarios. The course is completely free for the clients of ETX Capital.
Similarly, certain other educational tools and resources are available on the website of ETX Capital that provides right information for profitable trades. These resources include market commentary, economic events, video commentary, morning briefs, and real-time newswire.

Customer Support
ETX Capital has dedicated a complete website as a customer service hub so that customers may get uninterrupted support 24 hours a day. You can access the website in about 17 different languages. You can find answers to any of your query or submit your question if you want further detail.
Call: 0800 138 4582
Trading desk: +44 20 7392 1434

Offers multiple trading platforms
Outclass customer service
Multiple advanced trading tools

Difficult website navigation

ETX capital is an excellent broker that provides cutting edge trading platform and a lot of supportive features to help traders trade in a secure and regulated setting.

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